Welcome to Saro Pourhertoun's Webpage

What is my name?

Hey There Ma'ams and Sirs my name is Pourhertoun, Saro.

What is my Student ID number?

My Student ID number is 1636086

Where did I last Study before coming to Dawson?

I studied at West Island College before coming to Dawson.

What Program am I currently enrolled in?

I am currently enrolled in Interactive Media Arts.

What are my plans after completing my DEC?

I plan on becoming a game designer for Naughty Dog (a game company).

What is my Favorite Subject?

My favorite subject is Game Design.

What is my favorite past-time/hobby/sport?

My favorite past-time is to play video-games, my hobby is being a youtuber and being a photographer, and my favorite sport is surfing.

Who do I admire the most and why?

I admire my parents because they are my heroes in life and it is my ambition to be a good parent like them when I'm older.

Why did I select this course?

I selected this course because I've always wanted to learn how to build websites and learn how to program in general therefore, I thought that html would be a good start.

Two different learning activities that I find most effective?

1. To learn a subject better I teach my friends or parents the subject because in doing so, I learn more than just reading from a book or watching a video.
2. If the subject that I am learning (for example coding) is more hands-on, then by learning better I have to actually do something hands-on rather than read or watch someone else do it.

Here is the link that will take you to the website in which I'm currently learning to code html.